We want our kids to be happy by 2040.

Our daughters as well.

Where have the girls gone?

Why do less girl apply to alternative schools?

Girls are healthier compared to boys all through their lifes, still after starting school more girls need to visit doctors!

We often see a stereotype that girls are good and boys are bad. The reason for this stereotype might be the fact that boys usually signal much louder in case they don't like something, while girls often keep their tensions internally. This later on can turn into psychosomatic symptoms like headache, stomach ache or lasting anxiety. Girls signal too, but differently, sometimes less noisy.

Juli Kéri, teacher at Budapest School
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An often cited study (Zsivány fiúk, okos lányok és Pszichogén tünetképződés a kisiskolás korban) states: while girls are stronger and healthier compared to boys all through their lifes, after starting school more girls need to visit doctors with psychosomatic issues.

Their performance is good, they are kind and seemingly they accomodate well, but they pay the price of physical symptoms of depression, stomach-ache, nause, dizziness.

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Another study proved that girls, who were given negative comments before writing a mathematics test (i.e. "As a girl you are less knowledgable in maths." actually performed less good.

Then in the very same test other girls are told that girls and boys can perform equally well in maths, the discrapency in performance disappears.

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A study showed that even teachers have a strongly stereotypised approach to girls and boys.

"Boys are often described as high performers while having behaviour issues ... At the same time girls are often described having advanced social skills, conformity."

"Sarah spent her first three years in an average school. In the beginning she has taken hurdles well. Then, as performance and expectations grew, she became more and more frustrated and depressed, often coming home crying."

mother of a girl now attending Budapest School

Teachers at Budapest School work for offering interesting projects for girls and boys as well. Kids at Budapest School learn with a tailor made manner. Therefore we recommend to parents of girls as well to check their current school even if on the surface everything looks smooth. Get to know Budapest School and talk to one of our colleague at the Budapest School nearest to you to understand what they do for girls and for boys to make their learning as enjoyable as possible. To have happy kids by 2040. Our daughters as well.

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