Together for a

Reimagined Educational Model

We are looking for motivated parents who would gladly establish a micro-school at Budapest School for their children.

What are the conditions for establishing a school?

You have at least one child who would go to the school.

This is the best guarantee for us. One’s own child is usually great motivation for everyone to work hard and create a good school.

You have people management experience.

We help with everything, but you yourself will have to employ and lead the teachers, form a team, and ultimately manage yourself out of this position.

Van tapasztalatod projektmenedzsmentben, problémák megoldásában.

You will have to find and furnish real estates, organize open days, communicate with anyone interested, design financial plans, etc. It is a huge amount of work, involving a lot of phone calls and multitasking.

You believe there are about 40-50 families in your area who could and would spend HUF 120-150 thousand a month for their children to go to Budapest School.

This means that you probably live in Budapest or in a county seat, and there is an alternative school within a 45-minute drive. You see in your area that parents do spend on their children’s education and are not afraid of alternative education. We wish to expand gradually, and we are certain that we can start schools for 3-12-year-olds in these locations. We also see that 40-50 children is a number that works well in our system, so we intend to reach that number at all locations within a few years. In the long run (2-3 years), we will include more locations, but we can only focus on these ones in 2020.

You can spend 4 days a week dealing with establishing a school for the following year.

And 1 or 2 days a week even after the team has stabilized. For example, you can spend your Wednesday mornings at meetings in our office in Budapest.

You can endure stress. It is not easy to start a school.

There are a lot of feelings, uncertainty, and very little gratitude involved. People entrust their children to you and expect you to do good with them even if you have no idea how to do it yet. Many things do not work at first, the teams can only be improved slowly, and there will always be some people who call your attention to its imperfection.

You have HUF 5-15 million that you can invest in the team during the first year.

Before you start, consider whether you can constantly support the school financially if necessary. For example, if there are not enough children. Based on the calculations, the investment may only return from the third year, when there are many children, the teams are strong, and the teachers are efficient enough to balance the teacher/student ratio. Of course, it may also happen that the business fails and you never get your money back, but we have also seen instances when investing a lesser amount was enough. We could say that you can establish a school if you like investing your money specifically badly but supporting a sympathetic cause with it.

It Is an Advantage if...

You have an experienced candidate for a teacher.

Finding an experienced teacher will be the greatest challenge at the beginning. Once this is done, the whole journey will be a lot easier.

You already have real estate.

About 20% of the school’s budget is usually spent on real estate. If you already have one usable for free, it will be a lot easier to become financially stable with the team.

There are families who would work with you on your micro-school.

It is easier if more families are ready to support you financially. You may for example want to work together on your existing kindergarten becoming a school.

What do we offer?

The founders of Budapest School and the leaders of the other schools will be your partners, your team. This means that we talk a lot, support each other, make decisions together, but the success of your school depends primarily on you. This is not a traditional franchise; we cannot give you the 500-page-long “guide” which even tells you where to place the order for the Budapest School sign to hang above the door. We would rather have discussions and solve problems together. We gladly share our experiences: we know a lot about what works in a school, what the main challenges are, what factors should be taken into consideration. We have been making mistakes and learning from them for years, but we have yet to make every mistake and put most lessons learned into practice.

Budapest School is a network of micro-schools. The schools are financially independent – they rely on contributions from parents to spend on teachers, real estate, and the maintenance and development of the network. The schools have relatively large freedom. The central team mainly provides administrative help, quality assurance, and the opportunity to learn together, but it primarily depends on the teachers to shape the schools.

Once you apply, we contact you and start getting to know each other, and once we are certain that we want to work together, we share it with the world. Then comes the difficult part.


If you like what you have read so far, you can apply here!