Follow your own

learning plans!

We Learn How to Learn

We rethink what we have thought about traditional forms of learning. We learn new programming languages and how to use them in practice. We start programming on the very first day and write useful, functioning codes every week together. Students work on real projects seeking answers to relevant problems and gain knowledge through creating and developing genuine products and services.

BPS Code Tech operates based on the BPS model, the pillars of which are the following:

  1. The school provides a flexible and integrative learning environment personalized for the development of its students.
  2. Learning is an active and self-controlled process.
  3. Learning starts in school and continues in the world.
  4. The standard for learning is helping each other, as much as achieving individual results.
  5. Learning is project-based.
  6. We pay attention to each other; we learn together; we are a community.
  7. Teachers help and organize learning; they are partners to students.

All of this means that during the learning process, students create, research, explore, practice, and take responsibility for their own learning. They set goals that are important to them and pose appropriate challenge. Our mentors and teachers help students to be able to develop in new learning situations even after graduation, whether in individual jobs or cooperative teams.