Find your own goals

with your mentor!

Personalised Learning

Being a developer or programmer is a constant cycle of giving answers to problems by creatively using obtained knowledge. To ensure that our students become the best, we create smaller groups for practice-oriented learning where mentors help the children to reach their own goals and assist professional development. Our aim is for our students to gain profound knowledge in a certain field while also navigating confidently in related areas.

At Budapest School – therefore at BPS Code as well – learning is organized the following way.

The children compose their own learning goals and rethink them every three months: results they wish to achieve, skills they want to develop, or even habits they intend to form. When accepting the own goals, the children creates a learning contract together with their mentor and parents.

The individual learning communities are led by organizing teachers (learning organizers). Every child has an appointed teacher working as their mentor, who pays individual attention to their development. With both their mentor and parents actively participating, they determine their own goals every trimester.

Mentors provide help in setting goals, making various decisions, creating their portfolio, and also in self-reflection. Setting own goals will become more and more autonomous as self-controlled learning gradually develops and as children grow older. The mentor accompanies the children through their learning path where goals are determined.

Every child has a mentor who helps them determine their own goals and stands by them while they improve. The mentor helps the mentored child to find the balance between subject-based development goals and their own goals in order to create the child’s own learning plan.

Every child meets their mentor on a regular basis to discuss reaching their own goals along with any opportunities, decisions, and plans they have. The mentor’s task is to help the children realize their goals and opportunities and find their own answers. The purpose of such a relationship is to be as intimate, direct, sincere, child-centered, and regular as possible.