Code your own


Marketable expertise

BPS Code allows you to use modern devices and learn from experts working actively in the field of technology. We assemble our syllabus following recent, agile methods to follow the needs determined by the labor market. Artificial intelligence, application, or game development – just a few examples from the many possibilities you can choose to get acquainted with.

BPS Code is a school that prepares its students on how to do well in the field of their choice after graduation, as well as making independent, responsible decisions in their early adult years, or upon starting their career.

According to corporate directors, conventional educational institutions can rarely keep up with the demands of companies, thus big corporations tend to take over the task of training people. Two defining organizations of this field, NOKIA and Green Fox Academy, help us to form the concept of BPS Code. With the help of these experts, we create the school’s professional program: it is our main focus to enable our graduating students to enter the labor market with competent knowledge and skills necessary to react to real, relevant questions and challenges of the IT sector. BPS Code intends to create a bridge between the IT labor market and possible future employees in the sector.