Freedom And Learning

Openness to The World

We started getting to know each other with Budai Gyerekcentrum (BGC) in November 2018 – during the winter of 2019, we decided to continue working together. This is how BGC joined our micro-school network, which resulted in the creation of Budapest School Budakeszi.

This micro-school near Vadaspark, protected by Pilis Park Forest, provides an idyllic, natural environment for our students. The teachers here aim to create a safe environment for children to learn and think freely. Mentored by supportive and open-minded teachers, they may gain the knowledge necessary to confidently face the challenges presented by the 21st century. Developing the necessary skills for this is incredibly important to us, so during project-based learning, we give way to the children’s critical thinking and creativity. We hope that by using such alternative methods, we can motivate our students to observe the world with an open mind while believing in lifelong learning.

It is important for us to create an emotionally safe environment. This is partially based upon the efficient cooperation between children, parents, and teachers – a foundation of mutual trust, empathy, and sincere understanding.

We are constantly open to applications of children of 7-16 years in our Budakeszi group.

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