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The Ada Lovelace group has been operating, developing, and growing with the children ever since the foundation of Budapest School. This micro-school has had the name of the first female programmer since September 2017, after changing its name from “Balaton-ház” (meaning: “Balaton House”).

We spend our days in a micro-school converted from an office in Balzac street, overlooking Szent István park. We spend a lot of time outdoors, working on projects, exploring, and speaking in English. 4 teachers and an assistant work, learn, and play with the students, two of them full-time, two of them part-time – this gives excitement and a well-organised structure to the group’s days, while also helping personal connection.

At Ada Lovelace, two groups of students determined by interests, knowledge, and age groups learn together – 17 children at the moment. This new, larger location could help us fulfil our desire to further expand the team.

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