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Ada Lovelace

We spend our days in a micro-school converted from an office in Balzac street, overlooking Szent István park. We spend a lot of time outdoors, working on projects, exploring, and speaking in English. It's very important for us to provide calm environment for our children.

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We believe that inspiring, cooperative, and joyful activities; a lot of mobility; and of course, playing freely all contribute to our children’s opportunity to discover the world according to their own interests and at their own pace.

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Location: 11th District

Age: 5-10 years old

During this year, besides learning how to read, write, and do mathematics, children have the opportunity to attend science, English, folk music, folk dance, and drama activities; in the afternoon, they may choose to do various kinds of sports, programming, play the guitar, play the drums, make films, or even learn to bake in the kitchen.

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We focus on the 21st century abilities and skills: teamwork, cooperation, critical thinking, and creativity come to the foreground instead of constant competition. We are up-to-date: we develop our digital competence and become acquainted with computer science – keeping age group-specific devices and content in mind.

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Location: 3rd District

Age: 3-10 years old

We are not a racing team. Rather we believe that there should be many different options to choose from and we offer fun and happy programs for every kid. Our priority is to let everyone progress in their own speed in learning. We love to spend time on the Danube river side.

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We dedicate a key role to education in English. We believe that while playing, children are more enthusiastic about learning foreign languages.

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We observe and experiment. We spend a day outside every week – this may include walking by Séd stream, in the nearby park, at the zoo, or even by Lake Balaton. The point is to gain personal experience. We learn about our environment and discuss the big questions of the world.

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This micro-school near Vadaspark, protected by Pilis Park Forest, provides an idyllic, natural environment for our students. The teachers here aim to create a safe environment for children to learn, develop 21st century skills and think freely.