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The BPS Code is the newest technology-focused high school of Budapest School. This redesigned technical school offers an opportunity for young people to gain useful 21st-century knowledge in the field of technology. This design thinking based knowledge can be a good foundation for their future. In addition to the subjects preparing for graduation, they will learn about both basic programming knowledge and the most innovative tech topics. We believe at Budapest School that the mentor-student relationship is one of the most effective ways of learning, thus we would like to invite mentors to the BPS Code to support the professional development of young people.

What is important to us?

  • Your age is between 25 and 65 years
  • You work for a technology company (degree is not required)
  • You can identify with the values and the mission of BPS
  • You are studying or you have studied in a higher education institution of computer science
  • You know any kind of programming language
  • You are willing to participate in the methodological training provided by BPS
  • You like to work with teenagers
  • You are good at time management and you have good communication skills
  • You have a great deal of enthusiasm, and of course a sense of humour
  • You have free time which you spend happily with mentoring

As a volunteer mentor we count on you:

  • You support your mentee with your knowledge, experience, and network
  • You participate in the students' project min 8 hours/month
  • You give feedback to your mentee regularly
  • You are ready to be the mentor of 1-2 students and help them achieve their learning goals
  • You consult with the teacher's team every month

What can you gain from being a mentor of our students?

  • you can practice beeing a facilitator in a project
  • you can develop important leadership skills such as empathy, patience, and communication
  • you can have a positive impact on the lives of young people with your experience and knowledge
  • you are supporting the development of computer education
  • inspiring and supporting young people is an amazing thing to do, it is a valuable work for a better future
  • you can practice mediation
  • you can practice the method of designing a learning path
  • You can learn a measurable, data-based form of setting a goal (SMART, OKR)
  • you can learn how a learning plan is structured and designed with a student
  • You can learn about how to creat a portfolio: at Budapest School we evaluate children's knowledge on the basis of a portfolio, students collect materials and learning outcomes together with their mentor and parents
  • you can take part in one of the most innovative tech education projects in Hungary
  • you can be part of a team where everyone is super dedicated and motivated

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