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BPS CODE - online info sessions in July

In September 2020, we will start a new school focusing on technology for students between ages 14-16. In BPS Code, you can gain competitive knowledge suitable for modern professional standards.

3rd of July, Friday
6th of July, Monday
8th of July, Friday

Open days

Learn more about our groups! In these virtual meetings you will hear about our plans for September and of course, you can ask the operators of our schools about BPS.

30th of June, 2020 Kindergarten and primary school

How can you join us, what is the admission process, where are free vacancies.

In the virtual open day you will meet the operators of the following schools:

Ada, B38, Brezno, Budakeszi, Campona, Érd, Gödöllő, Római, Solymár, Veszprém.


7th of July, Tuesday - 12-16 years old students

This meeting is for parents with children age 12-16.

You can meet the operators of the following schools: Budakeszi, P10 (13th Disctrict), Rakpart (5th District)


If you are interested in BPS Code, please register for that on top of this page.

Open days per schools

On these meetings you can learn about our schools, their teams, founders and the principals of Budapest School. We will also talk about why we think it's important to provide personalised learning environment and mentoring for our students.

Érd - 13th of July, Monday
Veszprém - 16th of July, Thursday
Gödöllő - 29th of August, Wednesday

Play Day (afternoon) with the teachers of BPS Gödöllő

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Veszprém - 6th of August, Thursday