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BPS Code - Code a career for yourself!

In September 2021, BPS Code has been started focusing on technology for students between ages 14-15.

You can gain competitive knowledge suitable for modern professional standards. From application development to robotics; from the modeling of the environmental processes to artificial intelligence. Let us shape the digital world of the future together!

Marketable Expertise
Marketable Expertise

BPS Code allows you to use modern devices and learn from experts working actively in the field of technology. We assemble our syllabus following recent, agile methods to follow the needs determined by the labor market. Artificial intelligence, application, or game development – just a few examples from the many possibilities you can choose to get acquainted with.

We Learn To Learn
We Learn To Learn

We rethink what we have thought about traditional forms of learning. We learn new programming languages and how to use them in practice. We start programming on the very first day and write useful, functioning codes every week together. Students work on real projects seeking answers to relevant problems and gain knowledge through creating and developing genuine products and services.

Personalized learning
Personalized learning

Being a developer or programmer is a constant cycle of giving answers to problems by creatively using obtained knowledge. To ensure that our students become the best, we create smaller groups for practice-oriented learning where mentors help the children to reach their own goals and assist professional development. Our aim is for our students to gain profound knowledge in a certain field while also navigating confidently in related areas.

Who should come to BPS Code?

Those who graduate from BPS Code will be enthusiastic young people who passionately seek projects in the world through which they could become happy, confident, and useful members of society. People who bravely create constructive human relationships in their chosen field and stand open-minded to face challenges.

We expect applications from students who...

❐ reach ages 14-15 in September 2021 (meaning they start 9th Grade in September 2021)

❐ are active and enthusiastic

❐ have basic computer knowledge

❐ are actively interested in how we can shape the world with the help of technology

❐ are motivated to improve

❐ understands English on a basic level

❐ can learn by themselves, and if something really piques their interest, then they gladly put a lot of work into it


Újonnan épített iskola

Astória és a Deák között a BPS Code számára újonnan épített szuper iskola

How can you apply to BPS Code?

We are searching for partners who have already proved to themselves that they can and want to develop digital competencies. This is why we have created an application process to learn what you have achieved in the field of programming and digital creation, and where you can also tell us what you wish to improve further upon. We will plan your learning path together with you!


If you are interested in learning with us, please subscribe as soon as possible. You may apply as long as there is free space. You will receive a questionnaire to the registered e-mail address, which your child must fill out on their own. This questionnaire is to determine whether they would be happy at BPS Code.

Preparing an individual project

We do not believe in the worksheet model; we would much rather get to know how the applicants think, learn about their interests and creativity. Once the questionnaire is complete, we evaluate it and decide whether you can advance to the next round, which is to prepare a project. We will send the recommended topics and the instructions for preparation in e-mail.

Demo Day

Once the projects have been submitted, we would like to meet the applicants in person as well, so we organize a demo day for 6-7 people. We will inform you about possible dates for the meeting so that you may choose the most appropriate one. One week before the meeting, we will send a question to which your child has to prepare an answer. At the meeting, all applicants present their project and the answer given to the question. The aim of this day is – apart from getting to know each other better – for you to get a glimpse of what BPS Code has to offer.

Personal meeting with the family

It is extremely important that the applying families know exactly what to expect if they join BPS Code. Therefore, as a final step, we would like to meet the whole family. We will arrange the date for this meeting separately.


Registration / Application

If You are Interested in Our High School or You Want to Apply, proceed here


Who are the Teachers?

Our schools are powered by our teachers: schools are collaboratively designed and implemented by the teachers. They have collective autonomy to make the decisions influencing the success of a school. Simply put, our teachers decide what and how they teach. The students are supported by professionals who are active players in the IT sector.

What is the Tuition Fee?

Services of BPS COde are financed by the parents.

We wish to accept families of different financial backgrounds; therefore, we have determined fixed places in five categories so that 60% percent of the families may assist the remaining 40%. Applicants from all financial categories may take part in the application process. Those offering a higher amount will enjoy advantages in their own category. We only alter the number of places for a category if the number of successful applicants is too low for another one.

We kindly ask every applicant to determine the exact amount of their contribution within the chosen category based on their own financial ability. Contributions will be used for improving the school.

For further informations, please CLICK here.

Why do the Students Learn in Mixed Age Groups?

When children of mixed ages coexist in a group they naturally help each other: older kids learn responsibility and can teach the younger ones what they already know (remember, teaching is the best way to learn something!), and the young ones stretch themselves to catch up to the older ones they look up to.

Do the Students Study English?

Our main aim is for English language to become a part of everyday learning and communication.

Where is the Campus?

The school will be located in the centre of Budapest, accessible by the tram network and metro.


General education subjects are also important, not only the digital creation. Everyone has their own individual learning plan. If this plan is to achieve an excellent graduation result, then the student has the opportunity to spend more time preparing for it. Others, who want to work on their own projects will have the chance to do so also. It is our responsibility to support the children in achieving their own goals.


We believe at Budapest School that the mentor-student relationship is one of the most effective ways of learning, thus we would like to invite mentors to the BPS Code to support the professional development of young people.

Click here and learn more about our mentoring program!

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