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Óvoda a 11. kerületben

3-6-year-old children are welcome to apply

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In September 2021, our newest kindergarten started in Újbuda, in the 11th district. The kindergarten is for children of years 3-6.

One of the most important principles of Budapest School is that anything happening to the children must support their development the most at the given moment. Everything that happens in school must come back to this basic question over and over again: “Is it what we are doing now that helps children the most, or do we need to change it?” Budapest School is therefore a flexible and integrative community that always adapts to the children’s development.


Exercise is essential for children’s healthy development. It not only helps with physical development, but also with concentration, cognitive abilities, and learning skills.

Together with you
Together with you

Budapest School is family-centered. What does that mean in practice? Children have the greatest sense of security and show the most effective development when the two communities where they spend their days work in a similar fashion.

We improve social skills
We improve social skills

For many children, kindergarten is the first time in a community without a parent. Here, they begin to learn how to live peacefully with their peers. It is their first chance to experience how to find solutions in social situations that are right for everyone.

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Our kindergarten will open in September 2021

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