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Budapest School will launch a 5-year technical school called BPS Studio in the 2021/2022 school year for students aged 14-19. Our goal is to provide our students with competitive knowledge and practice that meets today’s professional needs. By bringing together the fields of the creative industry, we focus on the process of joint, continuous creation.

Successful professionals of creative culture are characterized by a wide range of knowledge in technology, manufacturing, and theory, as well as a sensitivity to problems.

This unique training is recommended for young people who are interested in diverse, digital creative work; who want to shape our environment and experiences; who want to learn in a team using modern technical tools, among ever-changing challenges and opportunities.

We are looking for students aged 14-16 to start the 2021/2022 school year. Applications for the first grade of high school are open until the 25th of April, admission is continuous, the number of places is limited.

Join BPS Studio!
Join BPS Studio!

If you have yet to find what exactly you are interested in, but you want to design for today’s world, in today’s world, then this is the place for you! In 5 years, you will gain strong basic knowledge and creative experience. And of course, you will have passed your final exam. You can either get a job right away or deepen your knowledge in the world of design, media, or film.

BPS Studio is always practical and up-to-date
BPS Studio is always practical and up-to-date

Are you tired of just sitting at your desk in school all day? We rethink the traditional forms of learning. With us, you can learn not only how to use technology, but also how to apply it in practice. From the first day of your training, you will start looking for answers to creative challenges in a team and make useful creations week by week. You can search for answers to real, current problems during your projects and develop real products, experiences, and services.

You are never alone at BPS Studio
You are never alone at BPS Studio

Art or design is nothing more than continuous, creative response to real problems. To be really good at this, learning takes place in small groups here, and you can work on your designated learning goals with the help of your own mentor. Our goal is to provide you with thorough, complex knowledge by the time you graduate from us, with which you will be able to position yourself in any field where creativity plays a decisive role. Maybe you will start your own business, or decide you want to gain even deeper knowledge by learning more.

A creative community

This foundations of BPS Studio

Inspiring environment


Those who graduate from BPS Studio will be enthusiastic young people who passionately seek projects in the world through which they could become happy, confident, and useful members of society. People who bravely create constructive human relationships in their chosen field and stand open-minded to face challenges.

We expect applications from students who...

  • reach ages 14-16 in September 2021 (meaning they start 9th grade in September 2021)
  • are active and enthusiastic
  • have basic computer knowledge
  • are actively interested in how we can shape the world with the help of technology
  • are motivated to improve
  • speak English on a basic level
  • are interested in graphics, photography, animation, film, media, music, literature, social issues, and in studying how people or communities think
  • can learn by themselves, and if something really piques their interest, then they gladly put a lot of work into it


We are searching for partners who have already proved to themselves that they can and want to develop creative competencies. This is why we have created an application process to learn what you have achieved in the field of creation, and where you can also tell us what you wish to improve further upon. We will plan your learning path together with you!


You may apply as long as there is free space. You will receive a questionnaire to the registered e-mail address, which your child must fill out on their own. This questionnaire is to determine whether they would be happy at BPS Studio.

Preparing an individual project

We do not believe in the worksheet model; we would much rather get to know how the applicants think, learn about their interests and creativity. Once the questionnaire is complete, we evaluate it and decide whether you can advance to the next round, which is to prepare a project. We will send the recommended topics and the instructions for preparation in e-mail.

Demo Day

Once the projects have been submitted, we would like to meet the applicants in person as well, so we organize a demo day for 6-7 people. We will inform you about possible dates for the meeting so that you may choose the most appropriate one. One week before the meeting, we will send a question to which your child has to prepare an answer. At the meeting, all applicants present their project and the answer given to the question. The aim of this day is – apart from getting to know each other better – for you to get a glimpse of what BPS Studio has to offer.

Personal meeting with the family

It is extremely important that the applying families know exactly what to expect if they join BPS Studio. Therefore, as a final step, we would like to meet the whole family. We will arrange the date for this meeting separately.


Registration / Application

Register now and apply for the BPS Studio


The students compose their own learning goals and rethink them every three months: results they wish to achieve, skills they want to develop, or even habits they intend to form. When accepting the own goals, the student creates a learning contract together with their mentor and parents.

The individual learning communities are led by organizing teachers (learning organizers). Every child has an appointed teacher working as their mentor, who pays individual attention to their development. With both their mentor and parents actively participating, they determine their own goals every trimester.

Mentors provide help in setting goals, making various decisions, creating their portfolio, and also in self-reflection. Setting own goals will become more and more autonomous as self-controlled learning gradually develops and as children grow older.

Every child meets their mentor on a regular basis to discuss reaching their own goals along with any opportunities, decisions, and plans they have. The mentor’s task is to help the children realize their goals and opportunities and find their own answers. The purpose of such a relationship is to be as intimate, direct, sincere, child-centered, and regular as possible.

Creators of Stúdió

The foundations of BPS Studio were dreamt up by a team of experts.They are the ones who through their professional work, authenticate and guide the teachers, giving them a creative framework. Their common dream is to create a school their own children would be happy to attend. Where they can look for answers to the most important social questions of today with creative tools.

Our Team