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Why Budapest School?

Budapest School Initiative is providing redesigned education. We aim to create an educational environment in which children become naturally equipped with the mindset and skills needed to lead a happy life. Yes, happiness is closely related to personal success – but who knows what the future holds, and what success will look like in 2040?

What we do know is that critical thinking, creativity and a curious mind are what make us future-adaptive in a competitive environment. We believe these are also the skills a school should foster.So, we decided to design a school system where these skills, alongside collaboration, a growth mindset and cooperation, are the focus of the education curriculum.


Freedom In The Classroom Means: Cooperation With The Children

Our teachers can decide about the topics together with the children and the teams have the chance to schedule their days.


What Does It Mean To Learn Together in the Budapest School?

We place great emphasis on providing development opportunities for our teachers.


How Do Our Teachers Connect?

We asked some of our teachers what they have in common?

Power Week

We Share Our Experiences And Our Knowledge

Two times a year we spend 3 intensive days together to think and inspire each other.

About the Teachers

Our schools are powered by our teachers: schools are collaboratively designed and implemented by the teachers. They have collective autonomy to make the decisions influencing the success of a school. Simply put, our teachers decide what and how they teach.Don’t worry! You won’t be alone. You will join a dozen of your fellow teachers who are doing a very similar job. (And there are great examples of schools that have been doing something similar around the world for the past few decades.) And we all love to share experiences, and to support and mentor each other.

What Will Be Your Tasks As a Teacher?

Co-lead a small class along with your co-teachers.

Design experiential, project-based learning activities for the children.

Communicate with parents as a partner.

Actively share your experiences, your opinions, and findings on new ways of child-focused education practices with your fellow teachers.

Participate in and provide feedback on pilot experiments related to class design, pedagogical approach, scheduling, and/or classroom tools.

What Qualifications Are We Looking for?

Your degree is not the primary source of information for us, although it can be a good signal of your interests and ambitions but nothing else. Please do not hesitate to apply for a job even if you have an unrelated degree, or if you do not have degree at all. Péter Halácsy, the co-founder of Budapest School, has a degree in engineering. And he can’t stop working on education.What we are looking for is a demonstrated strong interest and ambition in changing and creating a new education system. We expect you to speak and read English fluently, because we'd like to connect with the rest of the world.

Important Values


We love to work in diverse teams.

Critical Thinking

We are open to criticism and sharing opinions, and we are critical thinkers.


We are independent, as we value autonomy and self-direction in decision-making.

Growth Mindset

We are passionate doers, driven by results and growth, responsible, and dedicated.

Emotional Self-Awareness

We aim to be self-aware, by investing in our social and emotional capabilities.

Open Positions


  • experienced middle school teacher
  • experienced high school teacher

Budapest, 3rd District, Római-part

  • experienced preschool teacher
  • experienced elementary school teacher
  • we're happy if you use the English language in the classroom with confidence
  • native speaker English teacher

Budapest, 5th District, Belgrád rakpart

  • experienced or junior middle school teacher
  • experienced or junior high school teacher
  • we're happy if you have experience in media/communication/art

Budapest, 13th District, Újlipótváros

  • experienced elementary school teacher
  • experienced middle school teacher
  • experienced high school teacher
  • we're happy if you're open to use the English language in the classroom
  • part-time teacher assistant

Budapest, 22nd District, Campona

  • experienced preschool teacher
  • junior elementary school teacher
  • elementary school teacher with a few years experiences ( English knowledge is an asset)
  • teacher assistant


  • experienced or junior elementary school teacher
  • teacher assistant


  • experienced preschool teacher
  • experienced or junior elementary school teacher


  • experienced or junior elementary school teacher
  • experienced or junior middle school teacher


Apply to Become a Budapest School Teacher