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Kindergartens, primary schools and high schools: apply now and start the new school year with us!

Admission and feedback on the submitted application are continuous until the 25th of April, the number of our open places is limited.

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And sometimes, if we work hard enough, dreams come true.

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6th of March - Open day

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Our kindergartens offer safe, embracing and stable environment for kids where emotional connections, free play and joyfulness are key factors.

The individual emotional needs and social skills play a main role in our method. We support parents with individual consultations and recommended offline activites.

We meet in the virtual world every day - for short and playful online activities tailored to the agegroup.

Primary school
Primary school

In our primary schools kids will gain the most essential basic skills while they have the opportunity to learn how to learn and create.

We build or learning environment in order to nurture the intrinsic motivation.

The online time together and the offline activities strenghten each other. We provide regular individual consultations for parents.

Middle school
Middle school

In this age, children can absorb a tremendous amount of knowledge. They love to discover and create. They are open-minded, receptive and curious. They want to know more and more about the big questions of the world. For this age stage, the Budapest School has developed a new concept, in which children discover science, projects, discover themselves, their feelings, their bodies, their relationships - they discover the world.

High School
High School

We help our students to deep dive in those things they are really interested in. We learn, plan and create things here that are closely related to the outside world.