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Are You Able To...

focus on the personal needs, abilities and motivation of the children?

support the personal development?

design and plan the personal learning plans together with the families and with the children?

communicate with parents as partners?

design experimental, project-based learning processes?

go beyond the world of subjects and to think about learning as interdisciplinary studies?

In Accordance With The Above Mentioned, Do You Have...

Professional experience with children?

Strong growth mindset mentality?

A high level communication skills?

Cooperative attitude and the ability to work well with others?

The insatiable thirst / desire to discover new trends in education?

Calm personality ( even in stressful situations )?

A good command of the english language in everyday life?

We are very happy if besides your teaching experience you have an other super-skill or a deep rooted interest in any relevant

If you are still reading our job offer, here is what we can offer:

Freedom in your everyday professional work

You can flexibly manage your own working hours

You can try yourself outside of your comfort zone at any time / you can explore areas outside of your comfort zone at any time

Competitive salary

You can work in a small, friendly community while still belonging to a larger organisation

You will be part of a dedicated, motivated and cohesive professional community.

Constant information sharing with your teammates and a wider organisational level

You can attend workshops and trainings (on a weekly and monthly basis)

Twice a year you can attend a week long professional course, where we concentrate on becoming better teachers and on making a better school.

Friendly and informal social events with your co-workers / teammates

What Qualifications Are We Looking for?

We are looking for high school-, elementary school- and kindergarten/preschool teachers, so the specialised diploma is a great advantage. However, you are also welcome if you have any special knowledge, interest, experience or degree that can be useful in a 21st century school.

Open Positions

We have different age groups in each of our schools, due to the diversity of our groups we are looking for both junior and senior teachers in our kindergartens, primary and high schools.

3rd district - Kindergarten

We are looking for kindergarten teachers in our kindergarten that will open in 2021 September. Candidates might start working for us part time immediately.

11th District - Óvoda

We are looking for kindergarten teachers, a pedagogy assistant and an assistant who is with us all day long and makes our everyday lives smoother in our kindergarten that will open in 2021 September.

11th District - Middle school

5 teacher positions

10-14 years old children

BPS Code

We are looking for an IT-teacher, who would like to be the leader of the teacher team of BPS Code. We are looking for teachers with other majors as well.

BPS Studio

We are looking for teachers in our newest, media/communication-focused high school, that will open in 2021 September.


We are looking for a math teacher.


We are looking for an elementary school teacher.


We are looking for an elementary school teacher.


We are looking for an elementary school teacher.


We are looking for a part time teacher who would hold our Science workshops.


We are looking for kindergarten teachers.


We are looking for elementery school teachers.


We are looking for a beginner preschool teacher with history major to teach 10-12 years old children. Having experience is an advantage.


Apply to Become a Budapest School Teacher

Important Values


We love to work in diverse teams.

Critical Thinking

We are open to criticism and sharing opinions, and we are critical thinkers.


We are independent, as we value autonomy and self-direction in decision-making.

Growth Mindset

We are passionate doers, driven by results and growth, responsible, and dedicated.

Emotional Self-Awareness

We aim to be self-aware, by investing in our social and emotional capabilities.

About the Teachers

Our schools are powered by our teachers: schools are collaboratively designed and implemented by the teachers. They have collective autonomy to make the decisions influencing the success of a school. Simply put, our teachers decide what and how they teach.Don’t worry! You won’t be alone. You will join a dozen of your fellow teachers who are doing a very similar job. (And there are great examples of schools that have been doing something similar around the world for the past few decades.) And we all love to share experiences, and to support and mentor each other.


How Do Our Teachers Connect?

We asked some of our teachers what they have in common?


What Does It Mean To Learn Together in the Budapest School?

We place great emphasis on providing development opportunities for our teachers.

Power Week

We Share Our Experiences And Our Knowledge

Two times a year we spend 3 intensive days together to think and inspire each other.