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Óvodás korúaknak (3-6 évesek)


Admission and feedback on the submitted application are continuous, the number of our open places is limited.

A Budapest School egyik legfontosabb alapelve, hogy akkor és annak kell történnie a gyerekekkel, ami őket a fejlődésükben adott pillanatban a leginkább támogatja. Minden, ami az iskolában történik, újra és újra erre az alapkérdésre kell, hogy visszatérjen: az segíti a leginkább a gyerekek fejlődését, amit most csinálunk, vagy változtatnunk kell rajta? A Budapest School ezért egy rugalmas és integratív közösség, amely mindig a gyerekek fejlődéséhez igazodik.

Ahhoz, hogy a gyerekek fejlődni tudjanak a legfontosabb, hogy biztonságban érezzék magukat. Mi arra törekszünk, hogy egy olyan nyugodt környezetet tudjunk a gyerekek számára biztosítani, ahol bátran fedezhetik fel a világot, kérdezhetnek és és tapasztalatokat szerezhetnek. Sok időt töltünk a szabadban, sokat mozgunk, kúszunk, mászunk, ugrálunk, barangolunk. És arra is odafigyelünk, hogy mindeközben legyen alkalom arra, hogy a gyerekek szociális képességei folyamatosan fejlődjenek.

We spend a lot of time outdoors
We spend a lot of time outdoors

Exercise is essential for the healthy development of children. It helps not only in physical and physical development, but also in concentration, cognitive abilities and learning skills.

Together with the parents
Together with the parents

Budapest School is a school, that is based on a strong community of families. What does this mean? Children can have a strong sense of security and the development is the most efficient when those two environments, where they spend their days, work similarly. Thus it is essential for teachers and parents to work together.

We focus on social skills
We focus on social skills

For many kids the first community without their parents is kindergarten. Here they start to learn to cooperate, live in peace with other children. They have the first opportunities to learn how to find solutions that are equally good for every partner in social situations.

Kindergartens of BPS


Location: 11th District

Age group: Currently 3-6 years old children are welcome to apply.

Financial contribution: supporter

We are still looking for the location of our dreams. In this new kindergarten, we crawl, climb, run, spend a lot of time outdoors, learn how to cooperate - all games and activities are tailored to the individual needs of the children and serve their development.


Location: 22nd District

Age group: Currently 3-6 years old children are welcome to apply.

Financial contribution: supporter

We focus on the 21st century abilities and skills: teamwork, cooperation, critical thinking, and creativity come to the foreground instead of constant competition. We are up-to-date: we develop our digital competence and become acquainted with computer science – keeping age group-specific devices and content in mind.


Location: 13th District

Age group: Currently 3-5 years old children are welcome to apply.

Financial contribution: supporter

We believe that inspiring, cooperative, and joyful activities; a lot of mobility; and of course, playing freely all contribute to our children’s opportunity to discover the world according to their own interests and at their own pace.


Location: Solymár, Sport street

Age group: Currently 3-6 years old children are welcome to apply.

Financial contribution: supporter

Our aim is to provide an emotionally safe environment for our children. We dedicate a key role to education in English. We believe that during playing children are more enthusiastic about learning foreign languages.


We rather want to get to know the kids and their family. It is important that in Budapest School parents and teachers cooperate closely and actively to help kids grow. It is important that newcomers understand, help and support all the other parents and teachers. We also believe that newly joining kids should make our groups even more diverse and not to endanger any members in any ways.

We see it rather as finding a new friend, a partner in business, almost a partner for life or more like finding a new colleague: we do not want you to take a test, but during a "get-to-know-each-other" process we decide if we can cooperate effectively.


During the joining process, we focus on building a safe partnership. We communicate transparently about opportunities and decisions. Our goal is to find a personalized school for everyone, but at the same time, you have to know that there are aspects that we mutually consider during the application process.

These aspects are:

  • Number of scholarship and sponsored vacancies per school
  • Number of children requiring special treatment per school
  • Timing of joining the school
  • Gender ratio
  • Age distribution
  • The dynamics of the relationship between the child, parent and teachers
  • Integrating the child within the group



Collecting information

You browse the content of the website, the blog, the FAQ, read a lot about us, gather information from your friends, you might also participate in our online or personal info/open days (you can learn about these programs via Facebook, our website or our newsletters). You will consider your financial and local options. Detailed information on the different categories of financial contribution can be found here. Considering all the information, you will decide as a family together, whether you want to join our community.

Make your introduction video

The next step is to make an introduction video (up to 2 minutes long) and upload it to Youtube, with the “unlisted” setting so no one else can watch it but us. You need to copy this link in the application form.

What kind of video should it be?

  • A video that introduces the child and the family.
  • It doesn’t have to be a Hollywood super-production, we just want to connect faces to the data. :)

You fill out the application form

You fill out a form, it takes about 10-15 minutes. You will answer questions and based on those answers you will receive a reply whether we can go further in the application process.

We get to know each other

As the next step, we organize personal meetings for getting to know each other.

You get in contact with the Budapest School's operators (founders of the school), staff and teachers, by phone / online or in person.

We will contact you with specific date arrangements.

Demo days

We invite you for our demo days, where we can check how does your child feel in the group, how can they connect with the group. We will contact you by arranging a specific date.

You will receive feedback

After the demo days, you will receive written and/or oral feedback and you can also give feedback to us. We finalize the decision about your application.

You join Budapest School

If both parties are happy after the demo days, you will receive a welcome letter. It will contain all the important information about the steps you need to do before starting school (registration, transfer of financial contribution, access to our own IT system, etc.)

Prepare to start learning with us!

Welcome on board!