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We welcome applicants to our preschool, primary school, and upper primary age groups alike.

Currently, our preschool group can accommodate children aged 3-6.
In our primary school groups, we welcome students from grades 1-8.

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The Budapest School Campona opened in September 2018, and currently, we have 90 children, including preschoolers, primary school, and upper primary students, with 15 teachers.

We prioritize 21st-century skills over constant competition, emphasizing teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence development. Additionally, we integrate digital tools into everyday learning and introduce children to the world of technology.

We see that learning becomes much easier and enjoyable through personal experiences and joyful moments, and the children feel good about themselves during the process. That's why education at our school is based on project-based and experiential learning. Instead of the traditional subject-based structure, we provide opportunities for in-depth exploration of individual topics in long-term, interdisciplinary units for younger children (6-8 years old). Older age groups study subjects in the usual 45-minute blocks, encountering multiple topics in a day.

We believe that knowledge of foreign languages multiplies our children's future choices. We place great emphasis on the practical use of English - and other languages. Our native language teachers are available to children anytime, even outside of class hours.

Another focus area is nature and everything related to it. We care about our future, teaching children to love and respect our environment. We encourage them to be active, environmentally conscious, and to appreciate the great outdoors.

Our fundamental goal is to make being at Budapest School Campona a positive experience: we create emotionally secure, accepting, and joyful environments where making mistakes is not a crime but an opportunity for growth.

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