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We are expecting the applications of those students who will start their 9th class in September.

BPS High School
BPS High School

Location: Budapest, II. János Pál pápa square

Admission: We have 20 free spaces right now.

Financial contribution: supporter

Life at BPS Rakpart is actively formed by teachers, children, and parents. In addition to the basic knowledge in high school, there is a great deal of space for children’s individual interest and for important 21st-century competencies such as cooperation or conflict management. Everyone will find here that science or area of knowledge, where they really would like to deepen.


Budapest School is a network of several microschool (and we also call kindergartens schools for simpilicity). A microschool means a community where kids, parents and teachers cooperate closely. Members are involved in the community because they feel safe in it, they accept each other and their goal is to let the kids to be in flow as much as possible for optimum and individual development

We are interested in the children themselves, not their grades. Therefore, we designed an application process specifically to come to know them as well as possible.


Browse through our webpage, check the detailed descriptions of our micro-schools and choose one!

If you are interested in learning with us, please subscribe as soon as possible.


Preparing an individual project

We refuse to believe in standardised application forms. Instead, we wish to see your unique way of thinking, your interests, and your creative skills.

The application process starts by sending you a form via e-mail, which you need to fill in and send back to us. Afterwards, we will send you topic proposals (you will pick one topic) and some hints about the preparation process so that you may begin working on your project.

The project is an individual work, in which you yourself determine what is important, interesting, or educational for you within the chosen topic.

Prepare a video (maximum. 5 minutes) about the project and send it to us.

There are no restrictions regarding the video; anything and anyone may be included if you believe they are important or help us understand your idea better.

You will have two weeks to send us the link to your project video.

Measuring the level of English knowledge

We will be using English on a daily basis at school. We accept levels of absolute beginner as well as advanced and fluent, so it is acceptable if you do not speak English yet. However, it is important to note that we can accept more students with higher knowledge.

To measure your level of English, we will send you a link (after sending back your project video). The link will take you to an online placement test, then you have a week to complete that.

School exam game

As a next step, we wish to meet you in person.

First, you need to choose the most suitable date for the oral exam (there will be multiple options), then you receive a 'school' type question a week before the personal meeting.

The question may not fit into your interests, but we would like to see that you are confident in such a situation. You will need to prepare your answer by the time of the exam.

At the meeting, you will be able to tell us about your project, and your thoughts and answer on the other question.

There will be 6-7 of your peers along with the Budapest High School team at the oral exam, so you will not be alone.

It will be exciting and inspiring to listen to each other in person.

Personal meeting with the family

Do not forget: we may be choosing you, but you also need to come to know us as well as possible before making your decision.

It is incredibly important that both you and your family know exactly what to expect, should you decide to join Budapest High School.

Therefore, we would like to meet your family as a final step. We shall make a separate appointment for this.