At BPS Rakpart all the places have been filled. At Code and Studio, admission and feedback on the submitted applications are continuous, the number of our open places is limited. 9th grade students are warmly welcome.


Budapest School is a network of several microschool (and we also call kindergartens schools for simpilicity). A microschool means a community where kids, parents and teachers cooperate closely. Members are involved in the community because they feel safe in it, they accept each other and their goal is to let the kids to be in flow as much as possible for optimum and individual development

We are interested in the children themselves, not their grades. Therefore, we designed an application process specifically to come to know them as well as possible.


During the joining process, we focus on building a safe partnership. We communicate transparently about opportunities and decisions. Our goal is to find a personalized school for everyone, but at the same time, you have to know that there are aspects that we mutually consider during the application process.

These aspects are:

  • Number of scholarship and sponsor vacancies per school
  • Number of children requiring special treatment per school
  • Timing of joining the school
  • Gender ratio
  • Age distribution
  • The dynamics of the trio of child - parent-teachers
  • Connections between the children in the group