genuine curiosity

What we consider important

The world is constantly changing. Change used to be measured in centuries, but today, it takes no more than a few years. Everyone must adapt to such fast changes, and so does the school.

This is true for all school units: teachers’ professional knowledge, learning methods, learning materials, necessary skills, but even children’s daily interests are changing.

We cannot see the future, but we know one thing for certain: whatever obstacles the future may bring, it is important for children to view it as an opportunity or a challenge rather than something frightening.

Our aim is for the students of our school to find their own way with ease even after school has ended. Budapest High School is built upon these values. There are no ‘walls’ restricting the student or the teacher. Learning and creation may take place in the school or outside of it. It is inefficient to learn from a textbook about the size of a crocodile based on its inter-ocular distance. Therefore, if necessary, we visit the zoo, a chemistry lab, a forge, a corporate office, or even the forest.

Every day, students encounter learning situations according to their own interests, including ones that push their boundaries. For children to overcome future obstacles, it is important to maintain their natural curiosity and inner motivation for learning and creation.