tanulunk, gyakorlunk, tapasztalunk

we learn and experience

This is who we are

The teacher, the student, the school community, and the family together make a complex but closely connected relationship system. It is important for us to think alike about the most essential questions. We have collected a few statements and opinions for you to see.

The student and learning

  • All the child’s skills can be improved using a well-structured practice plan.
  • Anyone may improve even their mathematic skills with practice.
  • There is a moment when being able to use a lathe is equally important as analysing a Baroque poem.
  • Preparing for the graduation exam is not the most important thing in school.
  • It does not make sense for the child to solve tasks during the graduation exam without the use of technology, while adults rely increasingly on teams and the network.
  • Giving an answer to a question with the help of Google Search is a more important skill than remembering a rarely used piece of information by heart.

Parent attitudes and values

  • I gladly allow my child to learn what they like or what they believe is necessary.
  • My child can prepare for the graduation exam by themselves or with the help of private tutors and the internet.
  • It is important for my child to care about others and their feelings.
  • It is important for me to maintain a positive relationship with my child’s teachers.
  • Choosing the right school is a joint decision made by the family.
  • I am consciously preparing to redefine my relationship with my child once they become a teenager or young adult.
  • We are able to discuss and come to an agreement with my partner or the parent(s) of my child about choosing the right school for our child.

We do not accept or agree with the following:

  • I would rather avoid difficult situations or conflicts.
  • I often need to argue with my child to fulfil their obligations.
  • School grades perfectly show the child’s potential for happiness, health, or later performance.
  • The child’s mathematic skills do not improve by thinking about mathematical problems.