We creat, explore


What we learn

Budapest High School reimagines what we used to think about traditional ways of learning.

Students are tasked with finding answers for relevant scientific and social questions. They create, explore, practice, and take responsibility for learning. They set goals which are important to them personally and present a suitable challenge at the same time.

Our mentors and teachers help students develop both individually and in groups, also in new learning environments after they have left the school.

And what about graduation?

In BPS Rakpart, graduation is only one of the many goals. Each student has their own unique learning plan. If they consider high grades important, they may dedicate more time to the necessary preparations; if they wish to improve within their own project field, they may do so. The school’s duty is to support children in reaching their own goals by providing the opportunity for even individual preparation if necessary.

Students will spend almost half of their time dealing with subjects or fields relating to traditional graduation subjects. We use the most modern learning techniques: reverse classroom, cooperative techniques, project management methodologies, digital learning, drama pedagogy, individual mentoring.

During the rest of their time, students work, learn, and create in workshops chosen according to their interests.