We serve students from kindergarten through high school.

Our 18th location, BPS Zugló, has launched.

We cater from kindergarten to high school graduation, and we've even had successful early matriculation exams (yes, they went well, don't worry). Plus, our 18th location, BPS Zugló, was launched.

Since 2015, the BPS community has been expanding and growing. From just two locations, we have grown to 18 today. Our newest school, BPS Zugló, started on September 1st with a dozen enthusiastic parents and children in first grade and pre-school, located in Herminamező, just a stone's throw away from Városliget.

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Parents, teachers, and children together build the school and the learning environment in honest cooperation. Over the summer, the children, with their parents and teachers, created their learning spaces. Families, along with teachers, actively participate in building the school.

Since September 1st, life has been bustling. In addition to community and educational events, at the end of the first trimester, they held their first exhibition, where children proudly and satisfactorily spoke about their first individual goals and their achievements, and both young and old provided feedback to each other.





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