Our schools are operating stably and safely

teachers have personally felt the impact of inflation

Despite the changing economic environment, our schools continue to operate stably and safely.

Both the schools and the teachers have felt the impact of inflation. Our goal was to maintain financial stability in our schools and to ensure that teachers' salaries kept pace with inflation. To achieve this, it was necessary to adjust the tuition fees. The good news is that we reached our goal and were able to offer inflation-adjusted pay raises to our teachers in September.


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The following table and chart show how the average tuition revenue per student has changed since 2020, and by what percentage we managed to increase the average. It's important to note that there are scholarship students in each of our schools, and the missing portion of their fees, as well as any shortfall in teachers' salaries, are covered by families who pay above the average.

This is essential for the operation of the school. If everyone paid the average tuition fee, we wouldn't be able to support scholarship students, and there would be fewer teachers. Where did your money go?

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Mainly to teachers, real estate, and meals. The next chart shows the relationship between tuition fees and state grants, and the various expenses in the aggregate of micro-schools. When we look at all the micro-schools together, the numbers are quite high, almost embarrassingly so.

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