Emotional intelligence, growth mindset

and health consciousness as curriculum

Just as in many other educational matters, in the collaborative curriculum development initiative (curriculum project) we are also seeking what could be BPS's response to the big questions of what, when, and how children should learn.

We certainly know, that at the end of this project we do not want to come up with a five-thousand-page long, dead document somewhere in a forgotten repository, but rather to design a living material, a tool for our teachers, that influences what happens to children in school, and in terms of its content it is also closely related to real life.

Over the past months, we have researched and categorized thousands of realized BPS-modules, looked for patterns, gathered and synthesized existing good practices of the microschools, and then created our own curriculum structure — the framework that can be filled with content, methodological tools, and concrete module plans so that in the end we get the BPS curriculum for a given developmental area or subject.

We already have begun to unfold a few specific developmental areas, so in the next school year these chapters of the future curriculum will be used by the teachers for module planning.

The developmental areas we are working on right now are: ,

  • social and emotional learning
  • growth mindset development
  • physical education and health literacy

Why are we working on these areas now?

We chose those broad developmental goals that are very relatable in terms of BPS's mission, and at the same time there are no ready-to use or easy-to-adapt curriculum materials for our teachers.

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