About 800-850 of us gathered in the Philosophers' Garden

had a great time, as did you

A major change this year was the decision by the teachers to bring every child to the joint program. Check out the video for the birthday atmosphere. Another commitment: we will publicly account for the collected donations, carrying forward the remaining 240,000 HUF to the project week event.

Approximately 800/850 of us gathered in the Philosophers' Garden for the birthday opening ceremony, a great opportunity to celebrate the start of the new school year. We had a great time, and it seemed like you did too. Here’s a short video from the event reminiscing the summer:

At the birthday, you could buy T-shirts as a form of support. We did this to provide extra funding for our joint events. The fundraiser was successful, selling a total of 238 T-shirts, raising 1,412,000 HUF.

The birthday budget:

Event organization (venue rental, transportation, musicians, etc.) - 270,929 HUF.

Catering (food, drinks) - 480,000 HUF.

Equipment (portable toilets, knife, fork, glasses, tables, T-shirts, etc.) - 419,000 HUF.

Overall, the money raised from the T-shirts covered the total cost of the birthday event, and an additional 242,000 HUF was collected, which will be used for this year’s joint events.

There are still T-shirts left. By purchasing additional T-shirts, you support the budget for other joint events. If you missed out and would like to buy one, contact Hanna ([email protected]). She will reach out within three days with the details and deliver the chosen T-shirt to your school. The minimum donation for a T-shirt is 5,000 HUF.

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