BPS Increases Parent-Justified Absences to 25 Days

we trust families

It might seem like a minor detail, but we've increased the number of days that parents can excuse their children's absences from 23 to 25. This decision, however, is the result of careful consideration and extensive planning. The essence is: we trust families.

In short, in BPS, parents can now justify not just 23, but 25 days of absence, which we have already written about at the beginning of the year, and now we also explain why.

Our interesting summer challenge was as follows: at the end of July, the ministry extended the current school year by one week, reducing the summer break from 11 weeks to 10. In exchange, the Christmas and spring breaks were slightly extended. The shorter summer can be agreed upon. The challenge is that we want to maintain the 'state-mandated' 180 teaching days, but in Hungarian public education, the longest marathon is the 58 consecutive teaching days between the Christmas and spring breaks. That's why we always had a ski break, not because we want to create an 'elite' school.

We were left with only three days for the ski break. What to do? We really had a lot of discussions with a large team about this in August. We weighed arguments and years. And then we realized one of BPS's core values: we trust parents. If you feel that you can make good use of the full week of the ski break, and it's good for the child, and you're together, then there should be that opportunity. If you can't manage, or it's not good for the child, then come to school, and we'll solve it together! So we increased the number of days a parent can justify.

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