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Budapest School opened among the first on the banks of the Danube, and the lower age group has been operating for years. From September 2025, the upper age group will also start in ascending order, so for now, we are only waiting for applications from prospective fifth graders for the 2025/26 school year.

Location: in the 3rd district
Age group: for 5th-grade children
Contribution: supportive and scholarship-based

You can find more information about parental contribution on the following page.

We aim to provide a solid knowledge base that everyone can achieve at their own pace in an anxiety-free environment. The goal is for children to enjoy learning about many things and discover what truly interests them. Graduates of Budapest School's upper level will excel in any high school (including Budapest School high schools), as they will not only be well-prepared in knowledge and skills for the next level, but also capable of independent learning, working focusedly towards their own goals, enjoying connections with their peers, and being open to the world.

Within the common guidelines of Budapest School, each micro-school has its own unique character.
We believe in the creative power of the community, so founding families can also shape Római Middle.

What we definitely believe in:

Child- and teacher-centered school
Development of social competencies and emotional intelligence alongside cognitive abilities
Utilization of age-specific and mixed groups in optimal proportions
Enjoyment of the nearby Danube
Everyday use of play as a developmental tool
Supportive community for adolescent children
Mentor system
Encouragement of self-directed learning based on internal motivation


At our school, children enjoy coming. They are liberated, happy, and creative. They take care of their own health, future, and each other, connecting with themselves and their peers. It is important to us to provide an anxiety-, abuse-, and humiliation-free, emotionally secure environment where conflicts are not swept under the rug, and where everyone is an accepted member of the community. We believe that this is the only way to learn joyfully together.


In Budapest School, children consider creativity and learning as their own affair. They study because they are driven by curiosity and interest, because they experience the joy of challenges and progress, because they are in the flow. This is not a competitive arena, but rather a creative, boldly experimental, and inquisitive community of "out of the box" thinkers. In Budapest School, children dare to dream, set goals, and act for themselves and others.


As parents, we can have an impact on our children's education at Budapest School. Teachers treat parents as partners, and parents and teachers collaborate for the benefit of the children. As parents, we can also be part of a strong community experience, with plenty of opportunities for connection, but it's not obligatory to portray the school in a certain way. Instead, let's just enjoy spending time with similar families like ours.

Creativity is just as important in schools today as literacy. Therefore, it should receive equal emphasis.

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Ken Robison

School from 5th grade to possibly university

With completion of the upper grades, children at Budapest School will have the option to choose from an expanding range of high school offerings and will be able to continue their education at any high school. Budapest School provides high school graduation, vocational training, and university preparation within its system. This means that Budapest School can function as an eight-year gymnasium or as a high school preparatory school for a 10-12 year old child."

Modern School

It's not enough to constantly update the curriculum, but structural changes are needed to ensure that children can truly learn what they love and what they need.

We learn to learn
We learn to learn

Everyone learns the necessary basics. Moreover, the most important skill is learning how to learn. Children experiment, delve into various areas, so that by the end of their schooling, they find what truly excites them, the area in which they can truly get into the flow. We provide an anxiety-free, motivating environment for this, along with the necessary support when needed.

Personalized learning
Personalized learning

Within the system of Budapest School is a 21st-century school. Students need to learn to articulate their own goals, their own projects; they need to decide when, what, and with whom they learn in order to achieve what they want or what they need. Their personal mentor and well-structured school support them in this endeavor.


At Budapest School, children enjoy going to school, they love learning and creating together with their friends and peers. They work a lot in teams, feeling ownership of their (micro)school. They shape their education together. They learn to negotiate interests, view conflicts as opportunities for growth, recognize and appreciate each other's abilities, while also being able to realistically assess how they themselves can contribute to common goals.

Authorized teachers
Authorized teachers

The creative and flexible Budapest School Római Middle micro-school will be led by an efficient and competent team of teachers: they will compile the schedule, invite external teachers, and shape the space. The main responsibility of the larger Budapest School in this regard is to support the teachers and maintain the "safety net". Our task is to educate well-rounded individuals and prepare them for the challenges of the future. We may not live to see this future ourselves. But they will, and it is our responsibility to help them know what to do with it.

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In our schools, "learning" is a system continuously shaped by teachers and professionals. Fundamentally, everything we do aims to develop in children the skills they need to be successful and happy adults in 2040. We believe that everyone is born curious and capable of learning what they truly love. All that's needed are exciting challenges and questions, security, support, and opportunities. It is the responsibility of adults to ensure all of these.

During a job interview, the prospective employer couldn't care less if the applicant can recite the 17 times table by heart. So why do we teach it?

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Sugata Mitra

We want to encourage our students to learn on their own initiative and independently, but also know when to ask for help. Our task is to stimulate and maintain their curiosity, make them enjoy challenges, and develop their social sensitivity and emotional intelligence. We don't want them to memorize everything that is mentioned. We want them to understand the connections and be able to apply what they have learned - beyond the school walls. This prepares them to respond appropriately to complex challenges at all times.

We are an accredited school

Budapest School is a state-recognized, accredited school. The students attending here meet all the compulsory educational requirements expected in other state schools. The Ministry of Human Capacities (EMMI) has permitted Budapest School Elementary School and Gymnasium to implement unique solutions outlined in the unique pedagogical program based on the BPS model.

  • The resolution permitting the implementation of unique solutions
  • The application summarizing what makes our program unique
  • Summary of how the school does not deviate from the operation assumed by the regulations
  • Explanation of why it is necessary for us to implement unique solutions in our program
  • Unique solution application attached with a unique pedagogical program (which has been updated since then).

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