This is Who We Are

Striving to be More, One Need the Will to Learn, Practice, and Make Efforts to Become Greater

This is Who We Are

If your family is considering moving out of the city but has not found an appropriate school, then this is your chance! At Green School, we apply the basic principles of BPS to arrange the life at our school. One of the founding members of BPS P10, Ági Kökényesi, helps us by using and teaching the BPS model in this new setting.

The ever developing, yet still calm and peaceful Terény lies in a beautiful natural area in Nógrád county, at the bottom of Cserhát. The village is surrounded by forests – many of which are centuries old – that will serve as classrooms for Green School, starting in September. The development of Terény can be owed to the new settlers becoming part of the active community that strives to create a living space away from the city, based on more sustainable values.

If you would like to be part of an active, cooperative community, then you found the right place! At Green School, families can learn, build, and spend time in nature together.

The creators of Green School are a local group of parents who have been dreaming about moving to this area but could not find an appropriate school for the children. Spending all our free time during the past six years and every minute of the quarantine at this area, the need for a forest school based on the BPS model has only become stronger. We wanted to create a place where our children and families could learn in a healthy environment, far from the city’s harmful effects.

The BPS accreditation gave fresh momentum to our group, and thus we started planning and organizing. Our goal is to eventually become self-sustaining, learn the bits and pieces of cultivation and livestock farming through farm schooling, and practice environmental education in nature every single day while being part of it. Children will have Gardening and Forestry lessons besides English, Mathematics, and Robotics, as we would like to combine innovation with cultivation and village traditions while applying the project method. We arrange our lives based on permaculture, where the primary aim is the just distribution of goods along with the protection of Earth, nature, and humans. Every member of our group brings their knowledge to the table, meaning that woodwork, ceramics, cycling, and forest exploration will definitely appear on some days.

We would like to create an active, well-functioning community with lots of parties – especially at the beginning. You may expect a series of farm school building parties, starting in September!