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Admission: 1st Grade - 1 free place, 2nd Grade - 1 place, 3rd Grade - 2 places, 4th Grade - 1 place

There are 8 free places in our 1st Grade group starting in September 2022.

Financial contribution: supporter

The history of Brezno dates back to its foundation in 2015: initially named Hadik, it was the first group of Budapest School. In September 2017, we had moved it together with another one of our groups near BAH intersection, which resulted in the creation of our first micro-school in the 11th district. Currently, we employ 5 teachers to work with 34 students. It is our joy to witness the youngest (6-year-old) and oldest (10-year-old) children to discover the world together through playful learning, at a pace determined by the community, and adapting to individual needs.

During this year, besides learning how to read, write, and do mathematics, children have the opportunity to attend science, English, folk music, folk dance, and drama activities; in the afternoon, they may choose to do various kinds of sports, programming, play the guitar, play the drums, make films, or even learn to bake in the kitchen. What happens next year is determined primarily by the children’s interests.

This is how Hadik kindergarten was introduced in 2015 – we still consider it to be valid:

Joyful and creative teachers, small group, personalised education, project-based learning, mixed age groups, no boyish or girlish games – as social and emotional skills are just as important as science and the environment. Here, learning how to read and write serves understanding, and it guides children into the world of words and codes. Digital and spoken language complement each other, and a way of carefree self-expression may even be soldering as well as singing.

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