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Admission: There are only a couple of places available for 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th Grade pupils.

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Since 2019, our micro-school has been offering a new alternative for families in Gödöllő and the surrounding area who are looking for small-group, differentiated education for their children, now in six grades. Our aim is to help children acquire the knowledge that will make it easier for them to thrive in our modern world, not just from the classroom, but through experiences and experiences that will keep them discovering and wondering about the wonders of everyday life.

We are undertaking nothing less than opening up the world to our schoolchildren. In this world, questions are a way to broaden our horizons, reading is a way to learn to travel in time and space, and maths is a language that can be used to communicate with others anywhere in the world. Our tools are logic and criticism, individuals and teams, trust and acceptance. This is how we put keys in the hands of children.

In addition to learning the basics, we enrich everyday life by integrating the English language, the joy of movement, passing on traditions and values, and of course drama. We teach and learn, question and debate, rejoice and comfort, create and give back to each other.

From 2022, the children of Gödöllő will have grown into the upper school age group. We are currently working with children in fifth and sixth grades, not only based on textbooks, but on real projects and complex problems, with a focus on practical knowledge, exploration and immersion.

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