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Location: 13th District

Age group: We are expecting the applications of those students who will start their 5th class in September of 2023.

Financial contribution: supporter

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As the first BPS micro-school for 6-10 year olds, we opened P10 in Newtown in September 2016 and since then we have grown into a top team, which we will keep for the long term. We started our eighth school year in September and currently have 50 children studying with 9 mentor teachers and a good number of tutors, who bring exciting activities such as creative writing, rocket maths and even role-playing into everyday life. The school has room for 55 children.

The needs, abilities and interests of the children are constantly kept in mind when organising the daily activities. We write, read, do maths and learn English in set time slots, and then, during our projects, we take out our laptops and tablets and start researching big questions like whether the Danube can freeze over completely or what the meaning of life is. We wander a lot, we draw, we dramatise, we learn to express and identify our feelings in our EQ lessons.

From time to time, we like to leave the school walls to do a photography module or even for the children to walk, or even cycle in fine weather, along the thematic walk they have created.

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