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Our classroom is the Nature

BPS Green School

Our new school in Terény, Nógrád county is starting in September 2021, for children in primary or secondary school level. The BPS Green School as we call it, is based on the BPS model. It allows children to get to know all relevant fields and cover the essential learning outcomes for their age group, while connecting directly to nature, sustainability and our environment.

Leaving the city!
Leaving the city!

If your family is considering moving out of the city but has not found an appropriate school, then this is your chance! At Green School, we apply the basic principles of BPS to arrange the life at our school.

What We Learn
What We Learn

We reimagine the traditional ways of learning. We experience old traditions combined with digital culture, technology, and various methods.

This Is Who We Are
This Is Who We Are

We get to know our environment, old traditions, which we creatively combine with digital culture, technology and innovative methods.

The future of life on earth depends on our ability to act.

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Sir David Attenborough writer, naturalist

Forest Microschool

Life and learning in the rhythm of nature
Life and learning in the rhythm of nature

Learning about nature takes place not only in the classroom but also in nature at the BPS Green School. We spend most of our time in the fresh air, either playing sports, hiking, or studying in the garden and woods.

School Farm
School Farm

In the first year, we will build the garden of our school with the help of local organic farmers. Children will have a garden lesson where they will learn and practice gardening activities in all seasons, from tiny seeds to crop processing, snow shoveling.

Nature protection
Nature protection

Our goal is for children to enjoy the forest everyday, to protect it, to understand why its diversity and continuous spread are important.


We will also take advantage of the flexible learning organization of the BPS model at the Green School, and we will organize arts and crafts classes in accordance with the interests and development of the children.

Let's talk

If you are interested, or you have any question then please give us your email


For Whom?

Families who can imagine living in the countryside (or already living in the neighborhood) and their children ages are 1-7 from September welcome to apply to our school.

Who are the Teachers?

Our schools are powered by our teachers: schools are collaboratively designed and implemented by the teachers. They have collective autonomy to make the decisions influencing the success of a school. Simply put, our teachers decide what and how they teach.

The school will start in September with a minimum of 8 children and two mentor teachers.

If you are interested and would like to be a part of the BPS Green School team, follow the link and apply!

Why do the Students Learn in Mixed Age Groups?

When children of mixed ages coexist in a group they naturally help each other: older kids learn responsibility and can teach the younger ones what they already know (remember, teaching is the best way to learn something!), and the young ones stretch themselves to catch up to the older ones they look up to.

Do the Students Study English?

BPS's main aim is for English to become a part of everyday learning and communication. What we wish to achieve is for children to use English sources (Wikipedia and so on) as confidently as Hungarian ones when searching for an answer.

In practice, this means that we measure the applicants’ level of English knowledge. We accept different numbers of applicants within different levels of English proficiency (ranging from absolute beginner to fluent).

  • We will use the language everyday.
  • Those who do not or barely speak English will be given an opportunity to catch up.

Where is the Campus?

In Terény, Nógrád county, we are opening the NOHA Terény creative colony, in the first year we are looking for the building that we can turn into an accredited site in the long run.


Admission and feedback on the submitted application are continuous until, the number of our open places is limited.


We want to get to know the kids and their family. It is important that in Budapest School parents and teachers cooperate closely and actively to help kids grow. It is important that newcomers understand, help and support all the other parents and teachers. We also believe that newly joining kids should make our groups even more diverse and not to endanger any members in any ways.

We see it rather as finding a new friend, a partner in business, almost a partner for life or more like finding a new colleague: we do not want you to take a test, but during a "get-to-know-each-other" process we decide if we can cooperate effectively.


A csatlakozási folyamat során a biztonságra, a partneri kapcsolat kiépítésére fókuszálunk, a Budapest School transzparensen kommunikál a lehetőségekről és döntésekről. Célunk, hogy mindenki számára megtaláljuk a személyre szabott iskolát, ugyanakkor érdemes tudnotok, hogy vannak olyan szempontok, amelyeket a jelentkezési folyamat során kölcsönösen megfontolunk.

During the joining process, we focus on building a safe partnership. We communicate transparently about opportunities and decisions. Our goal is to find a personalized school for everyone, but at the same time, you have to know that there are aspects that we mutually consider during the application process.

These aspects are:

  • Number of scholarship and sponsor vacancies per school
  • Number of children requiring special treatment per school
  • Timing of joining the school
  • Gender ratio
  • Age distribution
  • The dynamics of the trio of child - parent-teachers
  • Connections between the children in the group